The Steidl’s are coming
to Bauerbach

DThe Liebhart family were the previous owners of the farm of the (current) property. The widow of the Martinbauernhof Katharina Liebhart married Pankraz Steidl on January 26th, 1801, born May 7th, 1773, died November 12th, 1838. The marriage did not last long because she died on August 4th, 1801.

The inn in Bauerbach has existed since 1875. Andreas Steidl, born July 9th, 1858, died October 24th, 1942 brought the inn into being. First wife Kreszenz Miller von Spatzenhausen born January 20, 1861 died March 23, 1902. Second wife Viktoria W rmann von Hofheim born February 25th, 1869 died January 22nd, 1930.

Kaspar and Maria (born Schefhold) Steidl are the next innkeepers from Bauerbach from 1930 to 1958. They have five children, Andreas in 1931, Agathe, Kaspar, Fritz and Hermann Andreas and Rosa Steidl (born Riepl) continued to run the hospitality and agriculture business from 1958 to 1992.

Georg and Claudia Steidl have been running the inn since 1993.

Andreas Steidl and his wife Viktoria Hörmann von Hofheim

Liebhart family previous
owners of the property

Founding of the inn
by Andreas Steidl

Steidl Inn, 1916
Steidl family, September 1933
Kaspar and Maria Steidl (born Schefhold)
Kaspar and Maria Steidl

Kaspar & Maria Steidl
take over the inn

Maria and Rosa Steidl

The spouses' children
take over

Rosa & Andreas Steidl  
get married

Wedding picture Rosa Riepl von Ellaberg & Andreas Steidl
Rosa & Andreas Steidl in the 80s
Gasthaus Steidl, 1986
Gasthaus Steidl, 1990
Claudia & Georg Steidl
Wedding picture Claudia Bauer & Georg Steidl

Georg & Claudia Steidl
take over the inn

Celebration of 100 years of beer supply
Steidl family 2019

100 years of beer reference
Hacker Pschorr
August, 2019

Certificate of honor for 100 years of beer purchase

Conversion of the threshing floor
in guest room
2020 - 2021

Certificate of honor for 100 years of beer purchase
During the remodel
That's how it look today

Enjoy the area
            …around Bauerbach

gasthaus steidl today

Experience the story

Founded in 1875, our house has seen a lot come and go over the years, but has always retained its authentic, Bavarian character. We offer you seasonal & regional delicacies, over 100 years of beer tradition with the Hacker-Pschorr brewery as well as quiet and modern guest rooms. With us you can feel completely comfortable and relax.

Let yourself be inspired by the rural nature and traditional village life. From Gasthaus Steidl you can explore the foothills of the Alps in the immediate vicinity. Now to us, we are the Steidl family and are in the 6th generation, each of whom has made the tavern what it is today with a lot of passion, love and hard work. We cultivate respectful interaction and friendly cooperation.

We look forward to you!
Your Steidl family